Brainsafe strengthen their Advisory board

februari 7, 2024

Brainsafe proudly announces the addition of two seasoned professionals, Mikkel D. Heuer and Vibeke Harbud, to our advisory board. They will play a pivotal role in steering Brainsafe’s strategic growth, with their experience in the pharmaceutical, MedTech, and FMCG/Sports industries.

Mikkel D. Heuer, a seasoned international commercial leader with over 20 years of hands-on experience in European and Asian markets, joins the Brainsafe team as a commercial advisor. Having held positions in well-established companies such as Hummel International, Coloplast, and Mölnlycke Health Care, Mikkel brings a comprehensive understanding of international expansion, go-to-market strategies, and growth acceleration. His dual expertise in MedTech and FMCG/Sports industries positions him as a valuable asset to Brainsafe.

Mikkel recognizes the need for better diagnosis and rehab procedures for concussions and is convinced that Brainsafe can make a big difference in concussion management. Driven by a shared vision for improving concussion diagnosis and rehabilitation procedures, Mikkel aims to accelerate the adoption of Brainsafe’s innovative solutions. His commitment to making a positive impact aligns with Brainsafe’s mission to provide better outcomes for the estimated 60 million people suffering from concussions annually.

Joining Mikkel is Vibeke Harbud, with nearly three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. Vibeke is set to leverage her extensive knowledge to drive Brainsafe’s expansion into the healthcare domain. With a focus on areas such as insurance companies and general practitioners, Vibeke sees Brainsafe as a beneficial solution that could revolutionize healthcare practices, particularly in the realms of diagnostics and rehabilitation.

“I want to be a part of Brainsafe as I believe I can be a driver in getting Brainsafe’s business areas developed. I believe that Brainsafe could be beneficial in the healthcare business, e.g., insurance companies and also be helpful for GPs in their work,” says Vibeke.

With these key appointments, Brainsafe is poised for growth and influence in the healthcare sector. The advisory board, comprising industry veterans like Vibeke Harbud and Mikkel D. Heuer, is set to propel Brainsafe forward to become a leading player in concussion management and related healthcare solutions. Thanks to the mediation by CVX Ventures, we anticipate a synergistic collaboration that will drive Brainsafe’s mission to new heights.