Brainsafe receives invitation to Dubai

Brainsafe has received an invitation to present its concussion management solution to venture capitalists (VCs) and business angels in Dubai. The invitation represents a remarkable opportunity for Brainsafe to showcase its innovative approach to tackling concussions on a global stage.

Brainsafe has been making waves in the healthcare sector with its digital healthcare platform designed to revolutionize the way concussions are diagnosed and managed. Brainsafe has an exciting cutting-edge technology under development; a Diagnostic Pupillary Tool (DPT), to provide rapid and accurate assessments of concussions. Our innovative solution has the potential to transform the diagnosis and care of concussions, a critical issue in sports, healthcare, and beyond.

The invitation to Dubai presents Brainsafe with a great opportunity to engage with investors in the Middle East region. The meetings with VCs and business angels are scheduled for October, and Brainsafe’s team is eager to introduce their vision and progress to potential backers who share their commitment to improving concussion care worldwide.

Justus Bejnö, CEO of Brainsafe, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming trip. “We’re honored to have been invited to Dubai to discuss Brainsafe’s mission and progress with some of the most influential investors in the world. This opportunity aligns perfectly with our goals to accelerate our growth and raise the capital needed to further develop and expand our digital healthcare solution.”

Brainsafe has already gained recognition for its efforts to address the critical issue of concussions. With over 1,500 users and recurring revenue, the startup is well-positioned to scale its impact. The company’s focus on improving concussion diagnosis and care resonates with the broader healthcare community and sports organizations.