Tony Pansell joins Brainsafe’s Medical Advisory Board

juli 7, 2023

Brainsafe is pleased to announce that Associate Professor Tony Pansell, an esteemed lecturer and researcher at the Marianne Bernadotte Centre, Karolinska Institutet, and neuro optometrist at the Neuro-Ophthalmology section at St Erik Eye Hospital, has accepted a position on the company’s Medical Advisory Board.

Tony Pansell is a renowned authority in concussion research and brings valuable expertise to Brainsafe. With a focus on understanding brain function in healthy individuals and the impact of acquired brain injuries on vision, Pansell utilizes visual functions and eye movements to investigate these areas. His work involves collaborations with fellow researchers and clinicians to broaden knowledge and promote clinical applications in this field.

Pansell leads several clinical research initiatives as part of his ongoing projects. One notable project describes eye movement responses to head movements and visual tilts in healthy subjects and patients with acquired brain injuries. The goal is to understand visual dizziness, also known as visual vertigo, and identify objective clinical measures to differentiate it from other causes of dizziness. He also focuses on mapping early and late ocular and visual changes in acquired brain injuries, specifically binocular eye movement disorders and their connection to cognitive impairments and balance disturbances.

In addition to his research endeavours, Tony Pansell has made significant contributions to education and pedagogy in the field of optometry. He is responsible for the course in Neuro optometry, teaches basic visual functions and visual perception, and the clinical aspects of visual defects following acquired brain injuries for optometrists, physicians, and residents in ophthalmology, neurotology, neurology, and general medicine. Recognizing his outstanding teaching efforts, Pansell was awarded the prestigious Mäster 2011, a pedagogical distinction presented by the Medical Association at the Karolinska Institute, based on student votes.

Tony Pansell’s expertise in the field of concussion research and his dedication to understanding vision function in acquired brain injuries make him an invaluable addition to Brainsafe’s Medical Advisory Board,” said Justus Bejnö, CEO of Brainsafe. “His extensive knowledge and collaborative approach will further strengthen our efforts to develop innovative solutions for concussions.”

Tony Pansell expressed his enthusiasm for joining Brainsafe, stating, “I am excited to be part of Brainsafe’s mission of being the gold standard of concussion management. I look forward to leveraging my expertise in concussion research and vision function to contribute to developing cutting-edge solutions that will benefit individuals at risk.”

Brainsafe welcomes Tony Pansell to the Medical Advisory Board and looks forward to his valuable contributions to advancing the company’s goals and improving concussion safety worldwide.