Brainsafe Selected to Pitch at the Nordic Innovation Fair 2023

juni 29, 2023

Brainsafe is proud to announce that it has been selected to pitch at the prestigious Nordic Innovation Fair 2023. The Pitching sessions, organized by Tech Tour, will showcase the most promising business opportunities from the Nordic region and provide a platform for connecting researchers, inventors, and investors.

We are thrilled and honored to be chosen as one of the top 30 applications for the Pitching sessions at the Nordic Innovation Fair,” said Justus Bejnö, CEO of Brainsafe. “This recognition underscores the value and potential of our technology solutions in transforming the field of concussion. We are excited to present our business opportunity to a distinguished audience of investors and industry professionals.”

The Nordic Innovation Fair, scheduled to take place in Copenhagen on 25 – 26 September 2023, serves as a catalyst for collaboration and partnership between Nordic scientists, international investors, and businesses. With a focus on various categories including Medtech & Diagnostics, Biotech & Pharma, Greentech & Food, and Digital Solutions, the event aims to foster innovation and commercialization of research-based inventions.

By participating in the Pitching sessions, Brainsafe seeks to attract potential business partners for licensing, co-development, research collaboration, and geulatory partners. The nordic innovation fair provides a unique platform for Brainsafe to showcase its inventions and engage with investors, industry experts, and academic institutions from across the Nordic region and beyond.

We are confident that the Nordic Innovation Fair will be an excellent platform for Brainsafe to connect with the right partners who share our vision of advancing the field of concussion,” added Justus Bejnö. “We look forward to forging strategic collaborations and exploring avenues for growth and development.”


For more information about Brainsafe and their participation at the Nordic Innovation Fair 2023, please visit or contact our CEO, Justus Bejnö, +46739154036 |