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Brainsafe was founded on the belief that digital rehabilitation support for concussions is inevitable. We who work at Brainsafe come from different backgrounds but share the same values and vision.

How it began

The idea behind Brainsafe came from when our founder, Justus Bejnö, worked with sports medicine in the US between 2009-2014, when he realized the extent of the problem with concussions. Justus worked in American football and saw a trend in concussions, where it was a widespread problem; it was not known in detail what a concussion was, how it would be treated in the best way, and what the possible consequences could be in the event of incorrect rehabilitation.

Over the past decade, research has progressed and more has been learned about concussions; how to treat, rehabilitate and identify concussions. But the majority of the latest information does not reach those affected, Brainsafe wants to act as a bridge through the latest research and guidelines for those affected by concussion, to ensure a safer return after head trauma.

”When you suffer a concussion, you end up in an unsafe environment, the difficulty of navigating forward through a rehabilitation is difficult as the knowledge and tools are limited! Brainsafe creates a safe platform where you get support and a safe journey back to everyday life after a concussion.”- Justus Bejnö, Founder

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