Brainsafe included in Players License for American Football Players

November 2, 2023

Brainsafe is thrilled to mark its third-year partnership with the Federation for American Football (SWE3). In an exciting development, Brainsafe’s innovative concussion platform will be integrated into the license fee for all American football athletes entering the 2024 season, extending its support to an impressive 2500 individuals.

As Brainsafe enters its third year of partnership with SWE3, this milestone is a testament to the ongoing commitment of both organizations to enhance player safety, elevate and provide invaluable resources to American football athletes.

CEO of Brainsafe, Justus Bejnö, expressed their enthusiasm for this extended collaboration, stating, “Three years of partnership with SWE3 have been incredibly rewarding. Our shared dedication to athlete well-being and safety continues to drive us to new heights. By incorporating Brainsafe into the license fee for the 2024 season, we’re empowering athletes with knowledge and tools to protect their health on and off the field.”

The partnership between Brainsafe and SWE3 has not only withstood the test of time but has thrived and evolved. Brainsafe’s solutions have provided athletes with the means to make informed decisions about their health, reduce injury risks, and minimize the risk of long term effects following concussion.

Over the past three years more than 70 athletes within SWE3 have completed the return to play protocol within Brainsafe; ensuring a safe return to activity.

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