Brainsafe and Stockholm School of Economics collaboration

January 10, 2024

Brainsafe initiates a strategic collaboration with Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) set to take place from January to March 2024. This initiative involves SSE Master’s program students developing a brand strategy, communication plan, and addressing an innovation challenge.

In the Brands and Communications segment, students will work closely with Brainsafe to enhance its brand visibility and communication efforts, focusing on concussions and positioning Brainsafe as a crucial tool for patients.

Simultaneously, in the parallel Innovation Management course, students will tackle an innovation challenge presented by Brainsafe, aiming to raise awareness about concussions and highlight Brainsafe’s supportive role.

The central question for the innovation challenge is: “How can Brainsafe effectively raise awareness of concussions and emphasize its role as a supportive tool for patients?”

This collaboration reflects the synergy between academia and industry, showcasing the potential for creativity and innovation. Brainsafe looks forward to gaining fresh perspectives and innovative solutions while contributing to SSE students’ educational journey.