Safe recovery from concussions

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80 000 concussions happen every year in Sweden

20% av of all concussions develops cronic symptoms

The lack of right treatment is the main reason

If you suffer from a concussion, there is a lack of help to get the right treatment. We want to change that.

Our Solution

Individualized rehabilitation

Physical and cognitive tests

Safe return to activity

Vår lösning

Brainsafe löser individens och organisationens behov av evidensbaserad rehabilitering efter en hjärnskakning. Genom en aktivitetsbaserad och stegvis rehabilitering säkerställer vi att individen får en strukturerad och trygg återgång till aktivitet.

Easily accessible rehabilitation via mobile

Right treatment reduces the effects of concussion and improves the quality of life

Minimera effekterna av hjärnskakningar

Vår grundare, Justus Bejnö, svarar på varför individanpassad rehabilitering och Brainsafe är lösning på hur vi minimerar kroniska symtom.

In good company

Sports federations and clubs in the Nordic countries have joined Brainsafe and now have a tool for the rehabilitation of concussions.

“Taking care of concussions is an important area for safety work in equestrian sports, as there are many concussions in connection with, for example, falling off your horse. We collaborate with Brainsafe, among other things, to gain greater knowledge about how concussions are best-taken care of in equestrian sports. The riders report in Brainsafe and through data, the association can make valuable analyzes and understand more clearly how we can further improve care. The increased knowledge is the basis for our preventive project.”

Margareta Röden

Federal physician Swedish Equestrian association

“As Secretary-General of SWE3, it is important to show, especially to our members and parents of players, how the association works with important areas in our sport. A concussion is our most important area of injury and where, thanks to the collaboration with Brainsafe, we can show how we work in a structured way with concussions and how we give our members the best conditions to come back after a concussion. “

Fredrik Haraldson

Secretary-General of SWE3

“In sailing, it is more common than you think with concussion. Therefore, I took the initiative that the national team would join Brainsafe and ensure that the active have the best possible conditions to come back when they suffer a concussion.”

Magnus Grävare

Federal captain, Swedish Sailing national team

“For the Swedish Water Skiing and Wakeboard Association (SVWF), it is important to show our members and sponsors that our sport is safe and that we work in a structured and proactive way with our most important injury areas. Another reason we cooperate with Brainsafe is of course the increased rehabilitation support for the individual.”

Alice Andersson

Acting Secretary General of SVWF

“In Motorsport, we have taken great strides in the prevention of brain injuries, but Brainsafe provides evidence-based rehabilitation that no one else does. The rehab program, including baseline testing, gives the driver a safe return to Motorsport and compliance with the rehabilitation increases, which increases the probability of successful rehabilitation.”

Klas-Göran Gravander

Federal doctor, Swedish Motorsport

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