Why BrainSafe

The awareness and knowledge level today about concussions are deficient, which entails an increased risk of incorrect treatment and can result in long-term health problems.

With Brainsafe, we want to raise the level of knowledge about concussions and offer a standardized rehabilitation program to ensure a safe return to activity.

Evidence-based rehabilitation

The Brainsafe rehabilitation process is based on evidence-based research and consists of six steps. The process is designed to ensure that the individual returns to activity when he is ready and minimizes the risk of permanent damage.

Standardized tests

Our cognitive test consists of five parts, where, among other things, short-term memory, problem solving and the ability to focus over time are challenged.

Guidance from specialist

Our concussion specialists are available for guidance through your rehabilitation.


I think Briansafe is a very flexible way to rehabilitate. In a fast way, you will know how severe the concussion you have and what to do to get the best rehab training. The app is easy to navigate and easy to understand.

Victor Garcia Blombäck

Athlete, Swedish National team, American Football

Through Brainsafe, I feel a sense of security as a leader that when a player has suffered a concussion, he returns to activity when he is ready, through a number of barriers, a safe return to play can be ensured. A necessary tool in contact sports

Sebastian Brinkenfeldt

Head Coach, Täby Flyers, American Football

Brainsafe works very smoothly and is easy to use. I had great help from the tool in my rehab and can warmly recommend it to anyone who practices a sport with a risk of head injury.

Petter Andersson

Stockholm Mean Machine, American Football

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